"The smooth sound of Sal Anthony does true justice to a great selection of songs. This is one of those CDs that you can listen to all the way through and enjoy."
Cadillac Jack
Music Director / Air Personality
Coyote Country Radio 104.3, Las Vegas

"Some Christmas Classics reworked with some new Christmas songs with a great message all given the sal anthony treatment............Sal I really like the cd.I think "Only Those" can be a big hit on Contempory Christian radio."
Scott Evans
WXTU 95.2, Phila., PA

"Sal Anthony is one of the finest entertainers I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is a consummate professional and an extremely talented individual. Sal Anthony stands alone in a sea of ‘posers.’"
Bob McKay, Program Director
WXTU Philadelphia

"Sal Anthony's Christmas music is ear candy for everybody’s ears – the young, the old, the middle aged – ladies and men. The themes in many of the tracks are ones that carry inspirational and positive messages guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit. After listening to a couple of tracks, I had to listen to the entire album straight through."
John D.

"Sal Anthony ‘s Christmas songs display his range in style from country to pop to gospel. On some he has the rhythm and bounce of Kenny Chesney; exudes the whiskey smooth flow of a young Neal Diamond; gets you dancing the line with Charley Daniels; moves you to bow your head and hum along as you would with your favorite hymn. His is an artistry in notes and tones that, as my daughter Kate says,"make happy"."
Art & Karen
of Michigan

"Sal Anthony’s Christmas album is... beautiful, I felt as though I had snowflakesdancing all around me. His voice is a gift from God. What a talent!Can't wait to give this CD as Christmas gifts."
Kathy R.
Lancaster, PA

"Sal Anthony’s It’s That Time of Year Again comes across as a little bit pop, a little bit country, a little bit easy listening. And while its Nashville brand of country is appealing, it succeeds best at its most inspirational, such as on Only Those and My Favorite Christmas Story, both of which sort of put me in mind of God Bless the USA. Anthony has a beautiful voice and uses it to excellent effect here on this set of elegantly arranged hymns and pop holiday hits. Instrumentally, lush, the arrangements complement Anthony’s vocals without ever taking center stage. This really isn’t my favorite musical style, but I enjoyed his set in spite of myself."
Richard Banks

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